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Urban Authentic Chinese BAO

Bite of Bao is a modern Chinese urban BAO foodshop. We have a big heart for fluffy white BAO buns steamed with gorgeous juicy home-made fillings.

Bite of Bao started with one idea to bring the experience of taste, smell, and looks of authentic BAO found in China's urban cities for you to enjoy.

We cherish the old ways of making good traditional BAO while further venturing off the beaten path by offering new BAO variations.


BAO stuffings are created using extracts from Chinese spices; Black Cardamon from tropical forests in Yunan province and Sichuan Red Pepper harvested in mountainous valleys of Sichuan province.

We make your BAO from fresh ingredients. Meat from our local butcher and vegetables we hand pick from the local supermarket.

Imported tea from China and around the world. Ask us about our Peach Champagne Oolong tea!

Pork Bao

Chopped tender porky goodness in sweet bean sauce

Spicy Pork Bao

Juicy minced spiced pork with onion and ginger shreds

Chives Bao

Chinese chives with bits of flavored fried egg and shrimp

Eggplant Bao

Eggplant with paprika in sweet sour sauce and spring onions

Mushroom Bao

Aromatic Chinese mushroom with chopped bok choy and bean curd cakes

Share Tasty BAO

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Bite of Bao makes super tasty BAOs, loaded with amazing fillings! Really recommend to come along with group of friends to taste and share everything on the menu! Oh yeah, every BAO is home-made with love and extra attention! Be sure you have an empty stomach before coming there 😉

Taste Well Spiced Fillings

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Sweet mother of god this puts me in a happy place. I’ve been eating BAO all my life and this is truly legit. Well spiced fillings with tasty fresh ingredients and happy white, oh so fluffy dough. More please!

Best Chinese BAO

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The BAO are wonderful and I truly hope that Bite of Bao can turn this into a successful venue. Their BAO are one of the best I’ve eaten inside and outside of China.


Freshly steamed with home-made quality


Large variety of rich unique taste sensations


Authenic recipe with more natural ingredients


On-time and easy for takeaway

Let’s talk about Bao, baby